Jacques Cartier Rose or
Rosa Marchesa Boccella

jacques cartier rose or rosa marchesa boccella

An Old Portland Shrub Rose

Jacques Cartier rose or Rosa Marchesa Boccella, is a small Portland rose with a very compact form.

In the USA this rose is sold as 'Jacques Cartier', but it must be exhibited as 'Marchesa Boccella', as authorities now beleive that 'Jacques Cartier' is the same rose as 'Marchesa Boccella'.

This is one of the loveliest old fashioned roses you can find. It just oozes of charm and victorian elegance.

The delicate pink flowers of Jacques Cartier rose are absolutely gorgeous.

And the striking red plump buds, open in June, to lovely double and tightly packed, about 3 inches (8cm) across, rose blooms.

When the blooms are fully open they form an esquisite rosette shape.

The flowers come in generous clusters and they are very fragrant with a rich sweet scent, and there is good repeat flowering throughout the season.

The foilage is another plus with Jacques Cartier rose, it has a very attractive fresh green color to it when young and deepening to blue-green with age, and it's very healthy and disease resistant.

jacques cartier rose or rosa marchesa boccella

Jacques Cartier rose is an ideal shrub rose for a small garden and I also recommend it for container gardening.

Plant it in a mixed bed with blue hardy geraniums, french lavender, purple-leafed sage, and the silver-blue flowers of perennial flax.

I promise this is an outstanding planting combination that will bring lots of raves and compliments as well as lots of satisfactions with the results of your hard work putting it all together in a lovely flower bed.

For the container I would underplant Jacques Cartier rose or Rosa Marchesa Boccella, with trailing light blue lobelias and dwarf variegated English ivy. Then add a deep pink small trailing mini petunia for a splash of color.

Now you will have a flower container that will be admired for your patio or balcony.

If planted in pots on a patio or balcony it will perfume the air as well as give ornamental beauty to your garden area.

Jacques Cartier rose or Rosa Marchesa Boccella has another great advantage.

It actually flowers very well in partial shade, and it's therefore perfect for a town garden.

Origin France, 1868, height 3 feet (90cm).

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