Japanese Beetle Control

Pest Control For Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetle control and how to control and kill Japanese beetles that's what this page is all about.

Garden pests such as Japanese beetles can be a serious problem for you gardeners that live east of the Mississippi River. However, they are appearing in other areas now also, so be on the look out for them where ever you live.

These 1/2 inch long beetles with coppery bodies and metallic green heads can really devour your roses. They feed on flowers and foilage to the point of skeletonizing the leaves.

Picture of Japanese Beetle

Control Options

You can control these beetles by using a Japanese beetle trap. I like them because there is no chemicals involved that will harm your beneficial insects.

Another way to control them is to simply pick them off and kill individual beetles by dropping them in a bucket of soapy water.

Do not squash them since that releases pheromones that attract other Japanese beetles. They travel in groups so if you see one there are more.

You'll have the best luck if you do it in the early morning or in the evening, since that's the time the beetles show up.

Japanese Beetle Larvae Grubs
More Control Options

One great way to reduce the beetle population is to go after their larvae by treating your lawn where they live, with milky spores, before ending up as beetles that attack your roses.

It's a good product you should take advantage of if you are bothered by Japanese beetles.

I also like the Natural Guard - Grub Control product that can be used for all kinds of turfgrass.

There are several other beetles that infest roses, but they are red, green-spotted or brown. Treatment for them is the same as for Japanese beetles.


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