Jean Ducher Tea Rose

by Bruce
(Sydney NSW)

Buy roses suitable for your climate. Hybrid Tea roses that are PBR and sold by most nurseries are best forgotten. These are not healthy and require constant spraying which is very unhealthy because sprays effect your immune system.

Tea, Noisette and China roses are suitable for our Australian climate. The English and European bred roses do better in colder climates and are not suitable for Australia.

Hi Bruce
Wonderful tips for best roses to grow in Australia. My Australian rose gardeners will really appriacte your post about what type of roses to grow in Australia. Thanks.
Best Regards,

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Sep 22, 2011
Jean Ducher Tea Rose
by: Anonymous

Hello Annelie, I am Bruce Treloar from Sydney who posted the message about Jean Ducher Tea roses.
Heat and humidity on the East Coast of Australia makes it difficuly to grow most other roses without spraying for fungus such as Blackspot.
The Tea, China and Noisette are the best choices though some HT's perform reasonably well. Some Rugosas and Bourbons also do well here.

Jean Ducher just happens to be one of my favorites though not the only tea rose that grows well here. I really love a good deep red high centred exhibition type HT with fragrance. Fire Fighter is a stand out HT that has everything.

We were lucky to have Alister Clark breeding healthy roses for Australian condittions. No doubt these roses are available in USA.
I have followed up on Brownell's roses as his Sub Zero roses do very well in heat and humidity as well as snow. Unfortunatly only Arctic Flame has found it's way to Australia that I know of.

Just wanted to let beginner gardeners know the importance of selecting roses suitable for their climate.

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