Josephs Coat Climbing Rose



My Josephs Coat rose is supposed to be a climber.

It's about 4 years old, grows taller, but doesn't climb.
Bloomed great the first two years without pruning.

Third year bloomed mostly on top. This year I read up on them and followed advice to feed in early spring.

I'm a little conservative about these things, not wanting to burn the plant, so I used about half the recommended amount.

The top leaves, which grow on the center "trunk" (thick, tall and straight up) started to turn yellow.

Reading up again, I got some iron for roses and shrubs from the local nursery, but the top part continued to turn dark, dried up and leaves are now all dead.

Do I prune it off or leave it alone until next year .

If I should prune it this late, how far down should I cut it?

The main "trunk with leaves and this year's early growth is about 5 1/2 feet tall. Thanks!


Josephs Coat is a small climbing rose. Here is my page about Josephs Coat rose.
I think your main problem is that this climber took a beating because of the very cold long winter in your area.

That's what I think is the reason for the main cane (trunk), is not doing well.
However the main cane should never be pruned down a lot, if ever.

But you could take a pair of pruners and start cutting the main cane at the top to see if the rose is alive.

You should cut down slowly, inch by inch, until you see white pith inside the canes.

If you never see any, the rose is dead.

Here is my page about pruning climbing roses.

You could also benefit from reading my page about how to care for roses.

Since your rose is in the ground, you don't have to dilute the fertilizer, but you must deep water before applying food, always.


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