Joseph's Coat Rose

Joseph's Coat Climbing Rose

The Joseph's Coat rose, a wonderful small climbing rose, was introduced in 1964 and was awarded the Bagatelle Gold Medal the same year.

If you are looking for climbing roses that will put on a colorful show, the climbing 'Joseph's Coat' rose is the one to buy.

This rose is easy to fit into any climbing situation.

The picture below shows this rose framing the gates to the front garden.

But it's just as easy to train it up and around a porch.

You might need two roses, plant one on each side and wind them over the porch to meet in the middle.

It's a very distinctive climber with jazzy blooms in bright hues of orange, red, yellow and pink, sometimes all of these colors in one cluster.

Josephs Coat Rose At Gate

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Mature Plant Height: 8 to 10 feet.

Bloom Size: 3 to 4 inches.

Bloom Time: midseason, repeats.

Fragrance: mild fruity scent.

Year Introduced: 1964.

Awards Won: Bagatelle Gold Medal, 1964.

American Rose Society Rating: 7.5.

This plant has bright green beautiful foilage.

The stems are quite thorny, so be careful when pruning this rose and use strong leather gloves.

The 'Joseph's Coat' is tough and durable, however I do not recommend it for foggy coastal areas or humid climate zones, as it can be susceptible to mildew under those conditions.

The loosely formed double flowers are borne in clusters on an upright plant with glossy leaves.

Joseph's Coat can be grown as a small climber and they are great for hedges.

This easy to care for rose is also a rebloomer.

Josephs Coat rose on fence

This picture of the 'Josephs Coat' climber shows it trained horizontally on a fence.

The rose was planted the year before, so this is the first season it's putting on a show. Next year, watch out!

The smaller more contained growth of this rose, makes it so adaptable to many garden situations, especially the smaller gardens.

The repeat blooming flowers are quite distinctive, with blooms in bright colors from orange, yellow, red and pink.

All of these colors will appear in one showy flower cluster.

It's a really beautiful display of rose blooms.

There is a light and fruity rose fragrance that is quite lovely.

The first flower flush of the season is stunning, and it really puts on a flower show.

However, thereafter the flower show will be lesser and more intermittent, especially during hot summers.

But then in the fall, if you give the it a good dose of rose fertilizer, it will put on a dazzling fall flower show.

'Josephs Coat' rose is also an ideal choice for a boundary or property line planting.

Just weave the canes between the slats of a fence horizontally.

You can be sure that everyone will admire it's bright and spectacular beauty.

Climbing roses should not be pruned during the first two years.

However trim off the spent blooms as they fade to encourage more blooms.

Check my information on the proper way to Prune Climbing Roses by clicking on this link.

Zone 4-9, height 8-10 feet.

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