Judy Garland Rose

judy garland rose

Rosa 'Judy Garland' Floribunda Rose

The Judy Garland rose bush is a brilliant, modern yellow/orange multi-colored floribunda rose.

The bright rose flowers of "Judy Garland" are yellow with outer petals edged with orange. Very pretty!

If you like orange yellow roses, and they are very popular lately, this is a rose you should plant in your garden.

They come sometimes singly, but mostly in clusters of up to ten blooms.

All colors are represented in each rose cluster, and throughout the rose bush.

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The growth habit is average, and it's a healthy bush to grow.

I especially like it in a msss planting, because of the spectacular color show. But it can equally be grown as a single specimen.

Or planted with other perennials that look good with "Judy Garland's" flower colors.

The rose originated in Great Britain in 1977 by Harkness.

The flowers have a medium fruity, sort of musky scent that is very pleasant.

I adore the rose buds which are very beautiful, and I frequently use them in flower arrangements.

Another thing I really like about the "Judy Garland" plant is that it makes a neat bushy plant with attractive small medium green leaves.

It's generally a healthy and vigorous floribunda rose that should be planted in any garden.

Hardy to zone 6, height 4.9 feet tall, and 3 feet wide.

Planting Ideas For 'Judy Garland'

If you are thinking of creating a small flowerbed with the Judy Garland rose, or maybe planting it with other plants, I have some very special ideas for you.

There are some colors that look absolutely spectacular with the colors of 'Judy Garland'.

The one color that comes to mind is purple. I guarantee it will be a great color combo for a yellow/orange rose bush.

Ok, here are some ideas for companion plants that are purple or lavender.

ALLIUM SPHAEROCEPHALON: An early summer perennial. The purple flower heads at the top of slender stems, makes this insect repelling perennial rose companion plant ideal for a sunny and well-drained flowerbed, the same as for roses.

VERBENA BONARIENSIS: Late summer to autumn to flower. A great see through perennial that can be planted around roses to add an effect but won't dominate. The leaves are narrow. Perfect.


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