Julia Childs Rose
Changing Color

QUESTION: One of my gardening friends posed a question on her blog.

She wanted to know why her Julia Child which should be blooming butter yellow, had suddenly started blooming pale peach.

Her gorgeous garden is in Pasadena, CA.

To further make the question interesting, Julia Child is the "father rose" to my friend's namesake rose "Heather Lenkin", which is a gorgeous apricot florabunda.

Any thoughts? This is a good question for both rose society members and for Master Gardeners who would want to know where to research an answer to this type of question.

Thank you,

ANSWER: Hi Janna! Your friends, Julia Childs rose, is a grafted rose.

The rose has reverted back to one of its parents, the one with the apricot colors.

This changing of colors happens once in a while with grafted roses.

The graft fails so the rose reverts back to one of its parents.
Best Regards,

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