Just Joey Rose


Hybrid Tea Rose

Just Joey rose is probably the best of the apricot roses, or roses with an apricot blend. Take a look at the beautifully apricot colored blooms of this hybrid tea rose and you'll understand why this is such a popular rose with the home gardeners every where,but escpecially in warmer climates.

Of all the varieties of hybrid tea roses 'Just Joey' is definitely in the top five as far as beauty, fragrance, color, compact form and disease resistance goes. It can't be beat.

just joey rose

This close-up picture of the rose flower show the form, size and color very well. I also have a picture of it in a home garden below, so you can see the size and growth habit of the rose plant.

The elegantly, pointed, orange buds open into large, double and highcentered but loose blooms that are 4 to 6 inches across. The wavy-edged petals are a rich apricot color when new, softening to a light peach or peachy pink at the outer edges as blooms mature. It produces its best colors in areas with hot summers.

just joey rose

The flowers are sometimes held singly, but more often in clusters, and they have a delicious fruity fragrance.

The bloom season starts in late spring to early summer, with quick repeat flushes through the rest of the season and well into fall.

The foilage is glossy with dark green leaves that are very disease resistant. 'Just Joey' has a bushy, rounded habit that is perfect for the smaller gardens. It generally grows to 3-4 feet, though it may stay as small as 2 feet tall and wide.

This free-blooming, easy to grow, medium-sized rose plant is absolutely fabulous in flower beds and borders, and its long-stemmed flowers are excellent for cutting and flower arrangements. It was introduced into the 'World Rose Hall Of Fame' in 1994, and no wonder. Zones 5-9, height up to 3-4 feet.

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The Just Joey rose has a fruity frangrance which wafts from large ruffled apricot blooms. Thsi superstar rose is from England. Just Joey roses were inducted into the Hall of Fame by the World Federation of Rose Societies in 1994. A delightful rose for many placements.


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