Keep Roses Fresh

Care Of Cut Roses

Care of cut roses and how to keep roses fresh longer, is easy if you borrow a few basic tricks from the experts, the professional florists.

They know how to keep vase roses fresh and alive, and how to preserve cut roses to make them the last longer.

Isn't it sad when you receive a fresh delivery of roses, and they don't stay fresh?

Well I will show you how to keep your roses fresh longer. with this expert rose tips for cutting roses.

Here are their classic tip for cutting roses, cut flower roses, and how to keep cut roses fresh.

Follow most, or all tips, on what to do to keep cut roses fresh and taking care of cut roses, to get maximum time and enjoyment out of the bouquet of roses you pick for yourself or purchase.

keep roses fresh

First comes the cutting advice for to keep roses fresh the longest and how to keep them from blooming too soon in the vase or flower bowl

Most cutting rose varieties are long stemmed roses, such as hybrid teas that grow long stem roses, that are perfect for flower bouquets and bridal rose bouquets.

keep roses fresh

How To Care For Cut Roses

STEP 1: Cut flower roses late in the day, or early in the morning, when they have the most starch reserves.

STEP 2: Cut dry flowers, not damp or wet.

STEP 3: Cut flowers that are not fully open. Flowers that are still in bud, however, should already be starting to open, or you may not be able to coax them into opening indoors.

STEP 4: Use very sharp pruners. Scissors are not good as they tend to mash the stems. I recommend Fiskars Softgrip Bypass Pruner

especially for cutting flowers or roses.

STEP 5: Bring along a bucket of tepid warm water and immerse the stems immediatly as you go.

When You Get The Roses Indoors

Step 1: Recut the stems. Use a sharp knife and cut at a 45-degree angle, so there will be maximum surface area for the stems to drink water through. Some florists advice recutting the stems underwater. Try this technique, or buy an inexpensive gadget, called an "underwater stem cutter". This is a jar with a lid that has a hole to insert the stem into for slicing, and a sharp cutting knife.

STEP 2: To improve the vase life of cut roses and to keep the roses fresh longer, immerse their stems in warm water immediately after cutting.

STEP 3: Strip off any leaves that would otherwise be immersed in the vase water.

STEP 4: Put the recut stems back into a bucket or jar of water as you go. Let them stand for several hours or over night, so that they can draw up plenty of water.

STEP 5: Add a packet of flower perservative. To increase the life of your cut roses, fill the vase with a solution of one-half can of lemon lime soda and one half water. A few drops of bleach will help keep the water clear and fresh.


Change the water-soda solution daily. Don't display the bouquet in a hot room or in direct sunlight.

Make a habit of moving the flower vases to a cooler spot, even the refrigerator, each night to keep roses fresh as long as possible.

Most garden roses make excellent cut flowers, especially hybrid teas, such as "Sheer Bliss' rose, a popular choice for floral arrangements and wedding bouquets.


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