Knock Out Rose Care

Caring For Knockout Roses

This page will address basic Knock Out rose care, and how to properly care for Knockout rose bushes.

Knock Out roses are a group of shrub roses with a parentage of 'Carefree Beauty' and 'Razzle Dazzle' roses.

The Knockout rose care is easy, because they don't require spraying for diseases. They are totally disease free, at least in my garden and per The American Rose Society.

However, as shrub roses, they do need some basic rose care to thrive and flower the very best. And that's what you want, lots of blooms and disease free foilage.

So if you follow my simple basic proper rose care for Knockout roses below, you will have beautiful roses in your garden.

knock out rose care

Knock Out Rose Bushes By My Back Porch

One of my best tips for knock out rose care is to start with Bayer All in One Rose and Flower Care , as soon as the newly pruned knockouts are starting to leaf out.

This terrific product will prevent disease and insects from infesting your rose bushes.

I have tested it in my own garden, and every rose that was treated this way, including the knockout rose bushes, did not have any diseased foilage and not a single insect on them the whole season.

I have found this rose care product to be superior to all others that I have tried.

Another thing, it will feed your roses as well as protect them.

You only need to do 3 applications for the whole season.

There is no spraying, you simply mix it with water in a bucket and pour the mixture around your roses.

Proper Rose Care Requirements
For Knock Out Roses

Knockout rose bushes, like all roses, need good drainage and

a minimum of 6 hours of direct sun per day, so plant them in a sunny spot in your garden.

When planting them you should mix in plenty of organic composted manure into the soil, using a garden shovel

Or, do what I do, plant them in Miracle Grow For Roses Soil. It has all the nutrients needed to get your Knock Out roses a good start, so they bloom faster.

Always dig the holes for roses 2 feet wide and about a foot deep, so the feeder roots (they grow wide) grow faster.

Routine Knock Out Rose Care

These disease resistant, drought tolerant (when established), extremely hardy and very floriferous Knockout roses, need a steady supply of balanced, slow-released rose fertilizers.

The best way to provide this Knock Out rose care, is by using organic fertilizers and mulches that you apply around the rose bushes.

Then all season long, the micro-organisms in your soil break down and turn these materials into matters that the Knockout feeder roots can absorb.

This is also the most affordable and easiest way to fertilize your Knockout roses, or any other rose plant in your garden.

This is how you do it. Just spread a well-balanced organic fertilizer around the Knock Out rose bushes at the rate of 30 lb's per 1,000 square feet of soil area, and add a 2 inch layer of mulch ovwer it, and deep water well.

Apply this fertilizer in early spring, just when the Knock Out's are starting to leaf out.

Watering Care For Knock Out Roses

After your Knockouts have been in the ground for about 3-4 years they become very drought tolerant, especially if they have been growing in a clay-based or loamy soil, and have been feed with with slow-released organic fertilizers, and deep watered regularly.

Your added mulch, done every spring, will help preserve moisture in the soil. However, no water-stressed rose bush will continue to be healthy and flowering freely.

So a regular watering schedule is key to having great roses that bloom to the maximum of their capapbility.

If your soil has good drainage, and it should for roses, it's almost impossible to over-water, or water too much.

Knock Out Rose Care For Pruning

Every rose needs some pruning and trimming, even Knock Out

roses. If you don't prune them, they won't flower nearly as well and stay as healthy.

Knockout's should be pruned back by a 1/3rd each spring. But don't make a big deal out of it.

Cut out any dead and spindly canes, and cut back partly dead canes to live wood, as well as any cane rubbing against another.

Then simply trim the Knockout rose plant to shape it the way you want it, so it looks good.

Remove all remaining over-wintering foilage. In warm climates where roses don't go dormant, remove all foilage after pruning.

Make the pruning cut at above a strong a strong, outward-facing bud so that the new shoots will grow away from the center of the rose plant.

And always angle the cut at a 45 degree angle, so any water runs off the surface instead of pooling.

Deadheading Knockout Roses

They will flower and flower without deadheading (removing spent blooms), but I don't like the looks of dead lfowers on my rose bushes, so I routinely remove the flowerd when they are spent.

If you follow the steps to Knock Out rose care outlined on this page, you will have great looking Knockout rose that are very healthy and keeps on flowering all season long.


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