Knock Out Roses Yellow Leaves

by Mary
(Dalton, GA)

QUESTION: I have planted knock out roses in front of my home and they did wonderful all summer, giving me wonderful blooms. Right now as the evenings have gotten cooler my leafs are turning yellow with spots in them, even the new growth. I have removed the yellow leafs, but its even on the bloom.. a dried up look. Dont know what I've done wrong or what I should do. Hope you can help me out before I lose my beautiful roses.

ANSWER: Hi Mary, your roses may be infested with spider mites. Check the undersides of the leaves. Use a magnifying glass if you have one. If you see little tiny spiders, they are sucking the plant fluid from the leaves and blooms, so they turn yellow and fall off.
I usually take my garden hose and spray the undersides of leaves and hose off the rose bushes a few times a week.
You'll be surpised how such a simple thing cuts down on pest populations and keep diseases at bay.
If you don't see any spiders check my page about rose fungus diseases.
Toward the end of the season, many roses are hit with a bit of disease and pests.
After pruning in spring, spray them with Dormant Oil Spray to smother any over-wintering eggs or fungus spores.
Don't worry, knockout roses are tough plants and will not die from this, especially if you follow my advice here.
Best Regards,

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