Knock Out Roses

knock out roses

All About Knockout Roses
Caring For Knockout Rose

Knock Out roses, and pictures of Knockout roses to buy, growing a and caring for the Knockout rose, that's what this page is all about.

This is the most widely grown rose today, because it's so incredibly easy to grow and care for.

It's virtually disease free if planted correctly and given reasonable rose care.

If you like to buy a Knockout rose plant, click on this link and go to the color you like


You don't need to spray and fuss over the Knockout roses, just treat it like you would any plant in your garden.

This also the easiest rose to prune. Just cut down by a third. Click on this link for a detailed pruning guide for Knockouts.

If you want to know when to prune Knockout roses in your area, go to this link.

To get detailed instructions about caring for Knockout rose plants, go to this link.

What I like about theses roses are that they are totally disease free in my garden, and that they are blooming all the time with so many rose flowers covering the bush.

The plants have a branching, spreading habit with foilage covering the lower branches.

It is a very hardy shrub rose to zone 5. Colder climate zones should provide winter protection, to be safe.

knock out roses

Knockout Rose Bush In My Garden

The most popular variety is the double knockout plant, but there is a new type called rainbow knockout that is very pretty.

Red variety is the most striking, however I really like the pink knockout rose flowers.

Here is a newer pink variety Blushing Knock Out, that has a wonderful lavender-rose coloring.

It looks fabulous with blue or purple flowers!

I also like the very latest yellow variety introduced, called Sunny Knockout rose.

How To Prune Knockout Roses

This page will give lots of extra valuable tips for pruning your knockout roses.


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