Knocked over with Knockout Roses!

My husband and I just purchased a four year old home in Northwest GA. The landscape has great bones but hasn't been taken care of in almost 2 years. We have six knockout rose bushes towering over us at at least 8 feet each. They are all blooming hot pink blooms and seem healthy. Our main concern is their size and shape. Where do we begin with pruning?

The major annual pruning is done during the dormant time, just when you notice new buddings

However, I also give my Knockout roses a trim after the first flower flush in early summer. Followed by a good dose of rose food.

Pruning the roses now will encourage new growth that could be killed by the a frost night.
I don't know when your cold winter weather starts.
Here is my page about pruning knockout roses.
Let me know if you need any more help.
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