Knockout Rose on own root stock?

by Cindy Hennessy
(Naperville, IL)


Because of our tough winter this year in Chicagoland, most of the knockout roses in our area died back to almost ground level. If the knockout roses are on their own root stock I am assuming they will come back. If not, I plan on taking them all out. Is that your advice?
Naperville, IL


Hello Cindy,
Knockout roses are grafted roses and not on their own roots.
They are usually cold hardy, however, because of the very severe winter you had, they could have died.

Why not take a pair of pruners and cut down some dead looking canes and see if you see any white pith inside.
White pith means it's a live cane.
If you don't see any white pith the rose is truly dead, and you should get rid of it.

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