Knockout Roses Planted Around Oak Tree

The Knockout roses are not growing well and the leaves are a yellowish color. I planted them last year. They have very few blooms. Is there anything I can do to help these roses grow?

Your problem is you planted the Knockout roses around an Oak Tree.
The tree is robbing the roses of nutrients and moisture, and they are most likely not getting enough sun light under the tree.
Roses need a minimum of 6 hours of direct unfiltered sun per day during the growing season to flower and be healthy.
Roses should never be planted near trees and large shrubs that interferes with the roses feeder roots.
I suggest you move your roses, but it's best to do it when they are dormant in your region.
You didn't mention where you live.
So in the meantime, trim some branches from the oak tree for more unfiltered sun, and give the rose bushes extra water regularly, and scratch in some organic compost around the knockouts and deep water.
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