Knockout Roses Problem

I have 2 rather large Knockout Rose gardens. They were infested this summer with Japanese Beetles during a dry time when I was on vacation. It really ravaged them. I have trimmed them back, but still not happy with the way they look but don't want to pull them out completely and redo. In the winter, can I cut them all back to about 12 inches tall and just let them start over?
Thank you so much.
Anne Beaver
Diamond, Mo.

Hi Anne,
You can prune them back to a foot above the ground, but no more.
Also remove all but the 4-5 most productive canes at the base.

Remove all foilage, and spray with a dormant spray. Spray the ground as well, and remove all fallen leaves.

Add 2 inches of mulch, and wait until the rose leafs out to fertilize.
Water on a regular basis.

Roses that are allowed to dry out between waterings, are much more likely to be attacked by powdery mildew.

Your lawn should be treated for Japanese beetle larvae. That's where it starts.

Be on the lookout for them every day to take action before they get out of hand.
Best Regards,

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