Knockout Roses Roots On Top of Soil

by Peggy
(South carolina)


Why are my three year old knock out roses roots running on top of soil?

We did not know if we should add soil where this is happening or leave it alone or replant in the winter.

I just love these roses because of the low maintenance and how often they bloom.


Hello Peggy,
This usually happens when roses are not deep watered. You must have given them shallow waterings. So, then during cold weather the roses roots are heaved out of the soil.

The way to fix it is to replant and starting a deep watering schedule, giving the roses at least 5 gallons of water per roses per week.

The easiest way to do that is to lay a hose at the base of each rose and let it slowly run for a 45 minutes.

When you transplant the rose amend the soil by 50% organic compost.

You most likely will loose some feeder roots, so the rose needs time to regrow new ones, so don't expect a lot of flowering for a while.

It has to grow below, before it can grow above.

You also could apply a thick layer of soil and mulch and see if it will work.

But you must deep water regularly to train the roots grow down, rather then up.

The knockout roses roots should never be exposed to air or you risk loosing the roses.

Here is my page about transplanting roses.

Kind Regards,

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