Knockout Roses

Growing Knock Out Roses
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Knockout roses are super easy shrub roses. The 'Knockout' rose is a fantastic low maintenance rose that is a great landscape rose for a garden.

The 'Knockout' rose bush is now available as double flower rose, and Rainbow 'Knockout' Rose.

The pink 'Knockout' rose is also very pretty and popular.

Landscaping with 'Knockout' Rose is very satisfying because the rose care is only minimal.

You never have to spray and fuss over these Knockouts.

They just keep blooming and blooming all season long.

In Los Angeles where I garden, they bloom ten months per year.

I usually have to force them to go dormant by removing all foilage before pruning them.


Mature Plant Height: 3 feet.

Bloom Size: 3 to 3.5 inches.

Bloom Time: all season long.

Fragrance: very light, sweet.

Year Introduced: 2000.

Awards Won: AARS 2000, Texas A&M University Superstar Award, Germany's ADR Award.

American Rose Society Rating: 8.5.

knockout single red rose Knockout Single Red

knockout double pink rose Knockout Double Pink

knockout double red rose Knockout Double Red

knockout single pink rose Knockout Single Pink

knockout sunny rose Knockout Sunny Rose

knockout blushing rose Knockout Blushing Rose

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Double 'Knock Out' Roses

knockout roses

Double Red 'Knockout' Rose Bush In Front Garden

The picture of the red double variety is growing in my front garden by the driveway. It has been there for about 4 years now.

It blooms continously all spring, summer and all the way into december in my Southern California garden.

'Knockout' Shrub Rose

Here is a link to more pictures of 'Knockout' shrub roses in flowerbeds and gardens.

knockout roses

Pink Double 'Knockout' Rose

'Knockout' Rose Care

The 'Knockout' rose bushes are very easy to care for. The pink double 'Knockouts' in the picture above has never been sprayed and never need deadheading.

The rose flowers are self-cleaning, so you never have dead blooms on the bush, which isn't very attractive.

In the spring after you have pruned them, sprinkle some time-released rose fertilizer around the plants and cover the rose food with a 2 inch layer of mulch.

Now lay your garden hose at the base and deep water the roses good.

knockout rose

'Knockouts' Growing In Container

Caring for Knockout roses in a container garden is also very easy.

You just have to water it every day, and fertilize every week.

Pruning 'Knockout' Rose

Pruning is done late winter or early spring. Simply take a hedge shearer and cut the bush off by about a third. Then take out the dead and spindly canes. That's it!

I also trim the knockouts after the first flower flush is over in early summer.

After the trim, I will give it a good dose of Miracle Grow For Roses fertilizers.

Doing this will speed up re-blooming, and the bush looks better.

Landscaping Ideas

knockout roses

These plants put on such a colorful show and they add such curb appeal to a front garden. If you like some color in your garden, but don't have the time to fuss with roses, this rose is ideal. The perfect rose bush for people who say they can't grow roses.


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