Lady Banks Rose

lady banks rose

Climbing Lady Banks Roses
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The Lady Banks Rose, also known as Banksiae, has a yellow form Rosa banksia Lutea, which was introduced in England in 1824.

The white form is called Rosa Banksia Alba Plena.

Other than the stronger rose scent of the white 'Lady Banks' form and flower colors, the two forms are quite similar in growing habit.

The 'Lady Banks' rose is an outstanding climbing rose plant for the South.

Although, mostly grown as a climber on a strong support, it does fine with no support at all.

Of course, growing it without support, requires you to give it a great deal of space, as it can easily reach fifteen feet in diameter and height.

lady banks rose

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It's a cold tender rose, so it's best for the very South, or warm climate areas, that don't get hard winters.

The adorable rose flowers are double and only an inch in diameter.

The stunning flower show last for about four weeks in early spring.

It is something to look forward to every year.

'Lady Banks' Rose Pruning

This is one of the old Antique Roses that is once-blooming, and therefore should only be pruned after flowering in spring.

It's a thornless rose, so it's very easy to prune, as you don't have to worry about thorns.

If you prune it before flowering, you wont have any blooms for that season, as it flowers on last years growth.

Diseased or dead wood should be removed, or cut back to healthy wood any time during the year.

I recommend a general thinning of weak and crowded growth every year after flowering.

Shaping the plant and shortening the canes by one 1/3 of their lenght will result in a more attractive plant.

Keep in mind, that the heavy pruning may be appropriate for Hybrid Tea Roses, but old roses such as Banksiaes require less severe methods.

Old antique roses are attractive landscape plants with a pleasing natural form, which should still be apparent after pruning.

More 'Lady Banks' Rose Information

It's one of the most useful old roses, with graceful arching thornless canes, vigor and drought tolerance.

The white form is more rare than the yellow one, which is commonly sold in garden centers all over the South in the USA.

The fragrance of Lady Banks Rose reminds me of violets. It's a very lovely rose scent.

Once the roses become established, they become drought tolerant, however, regular watering and fertilizing will result in a more attractive and better flowering plant.

These roses can live to be very old graceful rose plants.

Banksiae's is among the most disease free of all the roses.

Zones 8-11, 10 - 20 feet tall.


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