Leafless Patio Rose

by Jane
(Melbourne, Australia)

QUESTION: Hi!, My name is Jane and I live in Melbourne,Australia.

I did not find an answer to this question...so here we go.

I have 4 Holy Toledo patio roses.

At the moment, they are flowering, but very straggly.

I assume they were not pruned correctly.

I have also noticed that there are hardly any leaves on them.

I have other patio roses in another bed, and they are fine.

Would clay soil, affect the leaves?

It does hold a fair amount of water.

Hope you can help.
Big Hugs

ANSWER: Hi Jane! Thanks for the hugs, made my day.

So lets examine why your patio roses are straggly and are almost leafless.

You are correct to think that they weren't pruned correctly.

Next pruning season, prune them to shape them, as well as removing any spindly canes and canes rubbing another cane.

Your goal should be to open up the interior.

One reason your patio roses have barely any leaves on them, is that your soil isn't draining fast enough.

Roses hate standing in overly wet soil, and it will eventually kill them.

Another reason could be that it is infected by a fungus.

I recommend that you re-plant your rose, and improve the drainage.

This can best be done by making a raised bed about a foot high.

You should also mix some sand with your clay soil.

You should fill the raised bed with bagged soil for roses from the garden center.

After doing the above I believe your patio rose will be thriving.

But also check for fungus, but I believe it's a poor drainage issue.

Best Regards,

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