Leaves on Mini Roses

by Connie

QUESTION: I recently bought miniature roses on sale. The leaves were dark green. Now they are a paler shade of green but not yellowing. The plants look healthy to me but I am an amateur with minis. I did pot them in larger containers and water them every other day. I use Miracle Grow mixture for watering. I haven't found the Rose formula for that though. They are in a southern bay window and get lots of sunshine too.
Why are the leaves so much paler green? Do they need something more? I just bought another so I can send pics of the difference in shades of green if you like...

One other note, I am a poet and have a couple of poems I wrote about roses. Here is one I wrote for my brothers anniversary:

The Rose
Like unto a single red rose,
As we blossom, the fragrance grows.
Your love I couldn't find in any poem.
You've made my castle our loving home.
You've given me what I dreamt about.
I couldn’t be happier, I’ve no doubt.

"Sweetest Day" our love ignited,
Sweetest nights that always delighted.
Through our love you've given us a son.
YOU are the rose, yes, my very special one.
There's no way I could ask for more.
You I love and will always adore.

My love I give with a single red rose,
Because that's the way our story goes.

Hi Connie,
The reason your miniature roses leaves are loosing their green color is because they growing inside with no direct sunlight they need to thrive.

Just to let you know, no rose will survive without outside sunlight directly.
If you continue to keep them inside in a "sunny window" they will die soon.
Get them outside in a sunny spot asap.
Ps. The poem you wrote for your brother's anniversary is lovely. Thanks for sharing.
Best Regards,

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