Lilac Rose
A Fragrant Lavender Rose

by Mrs Mary Jessop
(North West Wales in the UK)

QUESTION: Hello, I have just discovered your site, and before I ask you my question I need to tell you, I love your site!! as well as the content.

The site itself is so very pretty.

I live in the UK, which is my first problem as you don't send any of the roses over here.

I have tried to find out if the roses can be bought from anyone here in the UK.

I have found the Tuscany Rose, but I am really struggling to find that beautiful fragrant Lilac Rose, which you show on your " Fragrant Roses" page.

Can you help me?

My daughter loves roses too and when I showed her your site she said the same as I did, "I want that Rose"

Do you think it might come under another name here?

Or are all rose names universal?

I do hope that you can help me find this wonderful fragrant rose.

Yours Sincerely,
Mary Jessop

ANSWER: Hi Mary! Thanks for your nice compliments about my web site.

Yes, sometimes, roses have different names in Europe.

But you are very lucky, because the super fragrant Lilac Rose was developed by David Austin English Roses.

I have this rose myself, and the picture of it, is from my own garden.

So now both you and your daughter can have this wonderful rose in your garden.
Best Regards,

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