List Of Proverbs

list of proverbs

Gardening Proverbs

A list of proverbs about gardening. Proverb sayings of roses,

flowers, plants and the earth from all over the World.

There are lots of proverbs and old sayings from Russia, Denmark, Persia, Albania, Turkey, Poland, Finland, Estonia and American proverbs.

There are even Dutch proverbs, Gypsy proverbs, and Hindu proverbs. A bounty of inspirational proverbs and good advice that's deeply rooted in life experiences here on earth.

list of proverbs

Inspirational Gardening Proverbs

My Favorite Gardening Proverbs

  • The earth laughs at him who calls a place his own. Hindustani Proverb.

  • The earth is man's only friend. Bulgarian Proverb

  • However high a bird may soar, it seeks its food on earth. Danish Proverb.

  • If the summer gave nothing, neither will the autumn. Bulgarian Proverb.

  • All autumns do not fill granaries. Estonian Proverb.

  • The winter does not go without looking backward. Finnish Proverb.

  • Not all clouds bring rain. Dutch Proverb.

  • Love is not like a potatoe. You cannot throw it out the window. Russian Proverb.

  • After great droughts come great rains. Dutch Proverb.

  • Everyone has enough to do weeding his own garden. Flemish Proverb.

  • The gardeners hands are black with earth but his loaves are white. Albanian Proverb

  • Let your prayers for a good crop be short-and your hoeing be long. Albanian Proverb.

  • Every flower has its perfume. Turkish Proverb.

  • One plum gets color by looking at another. Persian Proverb

  • A man must put grain in the ground before he can cut the hatvest. Gypsy Proverb.

  • When God blesses the harvest there is enough for the thief as well as the gardener. Polish Proverb

  • Snowy winter a plentiful harvest. American proverb


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