Little Mischief Rose

Easy Elegance Rose Little Mischief

The Little Mischief rose bush is a shrub rose from the Easy Elegance rose series.

It's a wonderful compact repeat-flowering rose bush that is always covered with the lovely pink-red blooms that open up revealing their white eyes.

You'll love the fact that Little Mischief's glossy foilage is very disease free and resistant to the major rose diseases which is a great quality that rose gardeners like in any rose.

little mischief rose

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The rose blooms are about one inch in diameter, but you won't mind the small flowers because 'Little Mischief' is loaded with blooms all summer long, making your garden sizzle with color.

The flower color shifts from pink to red as the petals age. It's a very nice contrast I think.

Use 'Little Mischief' as a companion plant toward the front of your flower border.

It's also very useful as a container plant. Make sure to choose a large pot with 3 drainage holes.

This is not a grafted rose, so you will not see a bud union on the lower part of the main stem. It's growing on its "own roots".

'Little Mischief grows to about 2-3 feet tall and 2-4 feet wide, and should be planted in hardiness zones 4-9.

You should plant 'Little Mischief' in a spot that receives a least 6 hours of direct sun per day during the season.

Make sure that the soil drains well and add about 50 % organic compost to the planting hole.

It will be shipped as number 1 quality (the best) bareroot, when it's planting time in your climate zone.

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