Long Stem Cutting Roses

by Carolyn
(Kingshill US Virgin Islands)


I would like to start a rose business where customers can cut their own roses.

This is a start up business and I would like to offer to our small community the opportunity to get wholesale prices of long stem roses for use in commercial enterprises i.e. Churches, schools, and other businesses or even personal pursuits.

Would you suggest basic inventory I could use to start a greenhouse.
Thank you


Roses for Cutting:
Any rose is beautiful indoors. But the most popular roses for cutting - because they have long stems and large flowers and are easy to maintain in a bouquet - are hybrid teas and grandifloras.

The best of those have thick petals, which don't wilt quickly, and the blooms open slowly.

Here are a number of proven choices, listed by flower color.

Bewitched * Bride's Dream * Fame! * Queen Elizabeth *

Mister Lincoln * Olympiad * Uncle Joe *

Brandy * Fragrant Cloud * Just Joey * Touch of Class *

Elina * Gold medal * Saint Patrick *

Lagerfeld * Paradise *

Crystalline * Honor * Pascali *

Double Delight * Peace *

Make sure your customers cut cuts just above a leaf, which will encourage a new stem to grow.

Check that the portion of the stem they are leaving behind has at least two sets of leaves - cutting too long a stem may weaken the plant.

If you rose bush is mature and vigorous, cut as many flowers as you like.

With younger, smaller plants, cut just a few flowers with fairly short stems, or you will diminish the plants strength.

I recommend you monitor your customers and offer instructions.

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