Looking for "Distant Dream rose"

by Linda Craner
(Agoura Hills, CA USA)

QUESTION: I saw Distant Dreams rose at the Santa Barbara "community" rose garden and have been trying to find it on the internet.

It is a very "stately" looking rose with purple petals and tan center petals.

It sounds strange but the more I looked at it the more in love I fell!!

I hope that you can help me locate this rose.

If I lived closer to Santa Barbara I would take a photo to send to you.
Thank you for your help

ANSWER: Hi Linda! I don't blame you for falling in love with the rose Distant Dreams, it's so beautiful.

The easiest way for you to buy this rose is to go to your local garden nursery (not the huge ones) that sells roses.

Ask them to special order the rose for you.

That's what I do whenever I can't find the rose I want. I do a special order at my local garden nursery. I always get the rose I want.

Garden nurseries have access to large wholesale growers who has thousands of roses in stock.
Best Regards,

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