Losing My Rose Bushes in Arizona?

by Allan
(Cave Creek, AZ, USA)


I live in Arizona and planted 3 rose bushes last spring.
All 3 bloomed continuously and seemed to be doing very well.
On March 1st we received nearly 1" of rain within 30 minutes and it rained on and off for the next 24 hours.
I had fertilized the plants before that. About a week and a half ago I noticed all 3 began to show signs of stress.
Prior to the heavy rainfall, they were are showing new, healthy growth. I have a photo of what is happening to all 3 bushes.


Hi Allan,
Sorry to hear about your roses. Are these types of yellow and brown leaves all over the rose bush? Or are they mostly at the bottom?

You didn't mention what type of rose you have, that would have been helpful.

You mentioned that you had fertilzed the roses before the rain.
To me it looks like the roses haven't been watered enough before the rains came, so the leaves are showing signs of drying out.

Did you deep water the roses before fertilizing?
If you didn't deep water before the feeding, the foilage will suffer from root burn.

Remove all the affected leaves and foilage.

Here is my page about growing roses in Arizona.

Lack of water at the root depth is the biggest challenge for rose gardeners in the desert Southwest.
You should get a water meter, and sink it down in 3 places around the rose about a foot down.

It will let you know the moisture level down below where the roots are.

So much rain is such a short time will mostly run off, especially if the ground is dry, which it usually does where you live.

You should also do a soil test because your soil could be too alkaline.

Here is my page about soil for roses.

I do not think you will loose the roses. They will recover if you take care of them.

However, not all roses like to grow in hot weather areas.
You can use the "comment section" to answer my questions.

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