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Worlds Best Garden Tiller
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The Mantis tiller is the best, and most popular garden tiller in the World. Period.

You can find all the 'Mantis' tillers for sale here, because we are a 'Mantis' Tiller Dealer of all their garden roto tillers, tiller parts, and attachments.

No other garden tiller can match their high quality and performance. Not even close!

What I also like about the 'Mantis' tillers is that they are so lightweight, making working in my rose garden beds so much easier.

No more back-breaking tilling work.

And tilling the soil is so important to bring air to the soil, and work added compost into the flower beds.

The tiller is so light, I can carry it around my garden with one hand.

mantis tiller Assembled Mantis Electric Garden Tiller

mantis tiller Assembled Mantis 2-Cycle Garden Tiller/Cultivator

mantis tiller Assembled Mantis 4-Cycle Honda-Powered Tiller

'Mantis' Tiller Review

You can add optional attachments so your tiller becomes a complete lawn and garden tool for all your garden needs.

The powerful tine design, which is patented, together with the powerful engine, makes it easy to break through the hardest soil.

The transmission is low maintenence, and the one piece cast gear box is so strong, it's almost indestructable.

No other tiller company can claim this.

The 'Mantis' tillers are the best, because the tines have a lifetime guarantee agains breakage. How great is that!

Be sure to pick the 'Mantis' model that best suit your situation.

I get along just fine with their small garden tiller, plus the plow attachment.

The plow attachment is fabulous. I use it every spring. I highly recommend it to all gardeners.


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