Margaret Merrill Rose


Best White Floribunda Rose

Margaret Merrill rose is a fabulous repeat blooming rose and the best white floribunda rose. The double high- centered flowers with a faint tint in the middle are absolutely lovely and perfect for a white rose bouquet or a white rose arrangement.

margaret merrill rose

Picture of Margaret Merrill Rose

The blooms consist of 28 petals that form a perfect rose flower. The blooms are large for a floribunda cluster flowered rose, being up to 4 inches (10 cm) across. The petals are heavy and substantial and exquisitely fragrant with a strong tea rose scent. This rose is on the 'Most Fragrant Roses' list.

The foilage of this rose type, of white rose flowers, is abundant, big and glossy. The leaves appear very close to the flower, showing off the crisp white flowers to perfection.

This rose is best in cooler climates, but will tolerate a wide range of climate areas. It's a superb bedding rose with no disease problems.

The flower production is prolific on short to medium stems with great continous blooms all season until frost.

This white rose is the winner of 5 Gold Medals and was introduced by Harkness, UK in 1977. This is one of the best white roses to grow in your home garden.

The pruning techniques for this rose is the same as for any floribunda rose. For more information on white rose flowers, floribunda pruning, click on this link for pruning rose bushes. Zones 5-11. height 4x3 feet (1.40 m)

Pruning Rose Bushes


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