Marie Pavie Rose


A Polyantha Rose

Marie Pavie rose, a beautiful white polyantha rose with just a hint of pink in the center.

'Marie Pavie' white flower rose is perfect for a small garden, a white flower garden or for container gardening

It's an old rose from 1888, sometimes spelled Rosa Marie Pavic or Marie Parvie.

This is a darling low-growing compact old garden rose that hardly ever exceeds 3 feet, and most often stays around 2 feet in colder climates.

marie pavie rose

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The picture above shows 'Marie Pavie' growing in a large barrel type of container.

If you have a small garden, deck or balcony, this an ideal rose for those situations.

It's a great rose for container gardening.

The overall effect is a lovely mound of green, almost thornless foilage, with an airy display of white blossoms.

There is a good continuous repeat flowering, and they only need deadheading to keep the bush looking fresh and attractive.

marie pavie rose

The picture of this rose above shows the various stages of the flower, from bud to just opening, in full bloom and aging.

I think it's such a lovely delicate rose flower.

This polyantha rose is as close to perfection as you can find, hardy and tough and easy to care for.

And spring pruning couldn't be easier. Just trim and shape the bush to your liking.

Although removing dead, old or diseased wood, if you happen to find any, would be beneficial.

Best uses for this versatile compact white flower polyantha rose bush are flower borders, containers, low hedges along along walkways or for cutting flowers.

'Marie Pavie' does well in both cold and warm climates.

The rose was introduced by Alegatiere, France in 1888. Zones 4-11, height 2-3 feet, or more in warmer climates.


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