Meaning of a Red Rose

meaning of a red rose

Red Rose Meanings

The symbolic meaning of a red rose, meanings of red roses, what's the meaning of a red rose? Those are the questions I get a lot of e-mails for on this Web site.

I remember when I was young, growing up in Sweden, it was a tradition for a young man to bring a single red rose for a first date. A tradition still being practiced there.

This special and very romantic gesture of bringing a red rose for a first date is absolutely wonderful, and I always encouraged my son's to help themselves to a red roses from my garden to bring to their first dates. It really is very nice. I remember hearing from the girls parents on more than one occasion, how impressed they and their daughter were, because my son brought a beautiful red rose tied with a ribbon (mom helped out)when he arrived at their house. In any case, it's a great way to get a first date off to good start.

meaning of a red rose

I think a lot of brides like to have red roses for their weddings, because red roses are associated with love and romance. And red roses do look wonderful and festive as centerpieces at wedding receptions.

Valentines day is a HUGE day for red roses. It's almost the only roses the florists sell on that day, beacause most men know that red roses symbolize the meaning of love, romance and romantic love.

The meaning of a red rose in Greek and Roman history and mythology was tied to the Goddess of Love. The Greeks worshipped the Love goddess Aphrodite and the Roman love goddess, Venus, was revered in ancient Roman history.

In ancient Greek and Roman history red roses were widely used at marriage and wedding cermonies. So the association with red roses and love and romance has a deep history.

If you want to express your deep love and affection for someone special, sending a bouquet of red roses. is the correct and romantic way to do that. I don't know any women who wouldn't want to receive red roses from the man they love.

So go ahead and splurge, send that someone special a bouquet of red roses or one perfect red rose. If you love roses take a look at these fabulous Rose Paintings by the Worlds most famous painters.


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