Meaning Of A Yellow Rose

What Do Yellow Roses Symbolize?

The meaning of a yellow rose stands for joy and happiness, but most of all yellow roses mean friendship.

And the meaning of yellow roses are very special because it's asociated with true friendship.

A true friend is so important to people of all ages; it's like a gift from God.

Pictures Of Yellow Roses

meaning of a yellow rose

Golden Years Rose

Friends bring so much sunshine and brightness to our lives so it is very appropriate that yellow roses symbolize friends and friendships.

So if you were wondering, "what do yellow roses mean', here you have the true meaning of yellow roses.

Because yellow roses mean so much to our friends and family, I have put together a yellow roses list with some photos, pictures of yellow roses and detailed information on yellow roses that are the most popular and the most beautiful.

So if you want to send yellow roses or grow fresh yellow roses to surprise your friends with or celebrate your friendship with someone special, the Golden Celebration Rose is a wonderful yellow rose to plant in your garden.

Meaning of a Yellow Rose

Golden Shower Rose

Golden Shower Rose is one of the most popular yellow climbers ever introduced.

It is still widely sold and found in long established gardens.

Click on the link below for a picture of this wonderful yellow climbing rose with detailed information.

Golden Shower Rose, Best Yellow Climber

Rosa banksiae 'Lutea', Lady Banks Rose

In gardens that are fortunate enough to provide the warm climates that suits it, the Rosa banksiae Lutea, will give you one of the most beautiful displays of any spring-flowering plant.

In a sunny spot it will flower prolifically, with cascades of blossoms, providing one of the most dazzling sights.

Click on the link below for a picure of this fantastic yellow rose with detailed information.

Rosa banksiae Lutea, Lady Banks Rose, An Old Yellow Rose

Golden Wings Rose

The soft colored, large single flowers of the Golden Wings rose may look delicate, but this sturdy shrub rose has a very trouble free constitution. Click on the link below for a great picture of this lovely yellow rose.

Golden Wings Rose, a pale yellow rose

Here is a nice list of more Meanings of a Yellow Rose discriptions, and other roses of color.

Sunsprite Rose, a deep yellow and very fragrant rose Go to Midas Touch Rose, A Deep Yellow Rose


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