Meaning Of Flowers

meaning of flowers

Symbolic Meaning Of Flowers

The symbolic meaning of flowers, flower meanings, flower color meanings and the meaning of roses have developed since the Victorian times, when flowers, the language of flowers, as they called it, were used to convey feelings or to send a message to someone special.

Today's brides to be, are mostly the ones who are concerned about the meaning of different flowers and their colors, because they are choosing their wedding flowers and they want to know the wedding flower meanings, and they want the wedding flowers to symbolize the right romantic feelings.

Of course it's always helpful to know flower meanings and the meaning of roses, when you want to send flowers for an anniversary or send birthday flowers, or flowers for any other special occasion.

Flower Color Meanings

meaning of flowers

These are the meanings of different color flowers:

Blue Flowers: calm. cool, relax

Pink Flowers: happiness, gentleness

Purple Flowers: ceremony, royalty, pride, success

Red Flowers: passion, love, desire

White Flowers: reverence, innocence, purity

Yellow Flowers: friendship, joy

Orange Flowers: power, virility, enthusiasm

Green Flowers: good health, youth, strength

Lavender Flowers: femininity, refinement, grace, delicate beauty

Hyacinth Flower Meanings

meaning of flowers

The meaning of the Hyacinth flower has to do with being sincere or sincerity.

Hawaiian Flower Meanings

The beautiful Hawaiian flowers such as Plumavera flowers in the picture above, symbolizes birth and life.

Flower Meanings Daisies

meaning of flowers

The meaning of a daisy flower conveys the message of dependablelove and innocence.

Meaning Of Roses

meaning of flowers

Roses has always been the symbol of romantic love and passion, especially the red rose flower. but of course,each rose color actually stand for Meanings Of Different Color Roses

Lotus Flower Meanings

meaning of flowers

The Lotus flower is a symbol of health, honor and spiritual awakenings.

Orchid Flowers Meanings

meaning of flowers

The Orchid flower symbolizes exceptional beauty.

Violet Flower Meanings

meaning of flowers

The meaning of Violet flowers is unassuming and humble.

Lily Flower Meanings

meaning of flowers

The meaning of the Lily flower is first love.

Jasmine Flower Meanings

meaning of flowers

Jasmine flower meaning symbolizes elegance and grace.


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