Melody Parfumee Grandiflora Rose

melody parfumee

Rose 'Melody Perfume'

Melody Parfumee rose bush is an intensely fragrant dark lavender purple plum colored grandiflora, sometimes called rose 'Melody Perfume'.

If you love roses with the color purple or lavender you'll really be excited about 'Melody Parfumee' beautiful hybrid tea shaped blooms.

The intense damask rose scent is what makes 'Melody Parfumee' especially wondereful. The lovely shaped blooms can perfume a whole room.

The growth habit is upright, bushy and medium, dark green and semi glossy.

melody parfumee

Picture of 'Melody Parfumee' Rose

This vigorous grandiflora rose bush produces abundant blooms throughout the growing season. The purple lavender colored blooms are eyecatching, and age to silvery lavender.

'Melody Parfumee' was hybridized by a Frenchman, and has the intense fragrance to prove it. Zones 5-9, height 5 feet tall.


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