The Mermaid Rose Bush

mermaid rose

Mermaid Antique Climbing Rose

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It's such a beautiful and moderate antique climbing rose, that's perfect for a trellis, or a small rose arbor.

Many antique climbers grow to fantastic heights, but not the 'Mermaid' rose.

This lovely old climber received the Royal National Rose Society of England Gold Medal in 1917.

The 'Mermaid antique climbing rose is an upright growing bush, and produces an abundance of repeat blooming flowers.

The rose flowers are very big, and have a single form. Which means one layer of petals.

The gorgeous creamy yellow blooms, becomes darker at the center.

mermaid rose

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The glossy foilage's dark green color, is a perfect backdrop to the blooms. It make the flowers really stand out.

There is a very lovely moderate rose fragrance, typical of old roses.

Zones 5-9, grows to 6-9 feet tall depending on exposure and climate.


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