Metal Trellis Product

by Michael
(St. Petersburg, FL)


The 9th trellis down on the Metal Trellis page above the wording that says "this is another trellis for Clematis" is a trellis that I would be interested in buying. I can't find it anywhere, can you tell me who the manufacturer of that trellis is please? thank you

Hi Michael,
I saw your question yesterday, but wasn't able to respond. No e-mail.
Regarding the metal trellis you like to purchase, if you click on this metal trellis page, there is a buying link pretty close to the top of the page that will take you to the manufacturers page.
That particular metal trellis product is at the top of their page. Take a look.
They are having a great sale right now. I think 50% off.
That is a great deal so take advantage of it.
Best Regards,
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