Metal Trellis

Trellis Designs and Styles

Looking for a metal trellis for your garden? Here are lots of metal trellises and a link to search for more trellis ideas and different trellis designs and a great place to buy a decorative garden trellis at a great price.


Trellises make your garden and house more attractive. They are actually decorative accents for your outdoors, similar to a picture for the inside if your home.

A trellis can really dress up a patio, and even be used as a privacy trellis.


metal trellis

I love this picture of my favorite climbing rose 'Blaze' trained on a very inexpensive and cheap metal wire trellis. This a simple metal grid that home builders use.

It is just another use for this material, and I think a fabulous trellis idea that anybody can duplicate in their own gardens.

metal trellis

I think this metal parisian trellis is so charming with a clematis climbing through it. Look how pretty the corner of this garden look because of this decorative metal trellis.

Trellis Metal Planter

metal planter

This beautiful trellis planter is made of copper and it will get a pretty green patina as it ages. I love copper trellises, there is no maintenance and the older they get, the better they look.

Decorative Garden Trellis

metal trellis

Here is a trellis with varigated English Ivy climbing through it. It is iron trellis that's allowed to rust naturally. It gives the trellis a rustic garden look.

metal trellis

The design of this trellis is Gothic and it's very ornate. If you like Gothic designs this trellis would be good choice for your garden.

French Style Trellis

metal trellis

I really like this white french style trellis. It would look very beautiful placed on a darker facade or wall color.

metal trellis

This is three panel planter trellis that can also double as a privacy trellis on a patio, balcony or deck.

Arbor Trellis

metal trellis

Here is a beautiful arbor trellis with pink climbing roses. I adore rose arbor trellises for a garden.

metal trellis

This is another trellis with a Clematis on it. I do think Clematises and metal trellises are made for each other.

Vegetable or a Tomato Trellis

metal trellis


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