Midas Touch Rose Tree

by Robin Wiessner
(Lake Forest, CA)

QUESTION: I bought a Midas Touch Rose Tree from Costco a few months ago and we put it in a large pot and put mulch on top.

How long until you start seeing leaves on Midas Touch rose?

How much should I be watering?

I have 3 bare root rose bushes I planted a month after planting my trees and they already have tons of leaves on them.

ANSWER: Hi Robin! I don't have the Midas Touch rose myself.

Every rose leafs out and blooms at different times.

I garden in Los Angeles, and my knockout roses are already blooming.

But many others are still just starting to leaf out.

I don't know if you plumped up the bare roots before planting it in the pot.

Bare root roses should be put in a bucket of warm water overnight to plump up the roots before planting it.

If you didn't do this, it will definitely delay the growing process and leafing out.

Be sure your pot has drainage holes in the bottom. If not your Midas Touch rose will surely die.

Since you are in Southern California you should water any potted plant daily.

And fertilize with a diluted water soluble rose food, such a Miracle Grow for roses weekly.

The Midas Touch rose flowers will have the deepest yellow color in cool weather.

So in the summer heat it won't perform as well.

The leaves are glossy and healthy which you'll like.

I love the musk rose scent of the Midas Touch roses
Best Regards,

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