Midnight Blue Rose Bush

midnight blue rose

The Midnight Blue rose is a beautiful shrub rose with flowers that are very dark purple. It should have been named Midnight Purple rose instead.

The deep purplish blooms are very fragrant with a spicy clove scent that is so delicious you can't stop smelling them.

I just love this rose, and here are more reasons why I really like and recommend Rosa Midnight Blue.

It's compact and low-growing, with a rounded shape I like in roses, and it's perfect for a small garden, or toward the front of the border.

If you are looking for a a rose to grow in a container this will be great for a large container.

Where ever you decide to plant the "Midnight Blue" rose, be sure to underplant it with white and/or pale yellow perennial flowers

Because, I think those flower color combinations look extra beautiful together in a garden.

Another reason I like this shrub rose is that it's very resistant to rose diseases, and therefore is a very low maintenance rose.

midnight blue rose
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The rose bush produces produces large flower clusters that are full of blooms all season long, as it's an exceptionally good repeat flowering rose.

Remove spent blooms by deadheading frequently for a quicker re-bloom. Also after each flower flush, give it a dose of rose food. This will speed up repeat flowering.

Plant it in a sunny spot with well drained soil, and give it regular watering during the rose growing season.

Zone 6-9. Height 2-3 feet tall, and 2-3 feet wide.


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