Mildew and Rust Free Roses

by Kathy
(San Diego, Ca USA)

QUESTION: I live in Zone 23/24, approx, 2 miles from the ocean in Del Mar Highlands, CA.

My 5 rose bushes have a mildew and rust problem, and I would like to replace them with hardy bushes that don't display these problems.

I would love your suggestions for a climber that is on a arched trellis, a tree rose, and two floribunda or hybrid tea roses.

I love a good fragrance and I'm so sorry my Double Delight has both rust and mildew.
Thanks for any suggestions you can give me.

ANSWER: Hi Kathy! Sorry to hear about your rose problems.

The coastal areas of California are prone to the rose problems you have.

I garden in Los Angeles, so I don't have these problems very often.

I recommend the David Austin English roses.

They are so deliciously fragrant, but they are very disease restant as well.

My visitors tell me that those roses are the greatest for coastal areas of California.

Just be aware, that the Englisg roses will grow a bit larger in our warmer climate here.

David Austin also have some wonderful climbing roses that you'll love.

Just Google David Austin Roses, and select the USA flag.
Best Regards,

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