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Miniature roses and Minifloras are small rose bushes, that provide useful colorful plantings in areas where smaller more compact varieties are needed.

The miniature rose bushes are classes of roses have increased in popularity due to their novelty and versatility.

These 'miniature' rose bushes can be planted in groups in flowerbeds or as groundcovers for smaller landscape situations.

A mini rose is fabulous for edging beds or growing in containers.

The maximum height of the average 'miniature' rose plant is about 15 inches, although there are a few that can grow as tall as 30 inches.

The way I use mini roses is as edgings for perennial flower borders and they are great to add to large containers featuring other plants.

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The picture below shows one of the most popular of these minis growing in my garden.

It's the 'Gourmet Popcorn' mini rose.

miniature roses

I just love this compact, prolific white flowering rose.

The flower form and foilage are indeed miniature versions of both hybrid teas and floribundas.

Miniflora roses are a new classification adopted by the American Rose Society in 1999 to recognize another step in the evolution of the rose, intermediate bloom size and foilage falling bewteen miniatures and floribundas.

Growing Miniature Rose Bushes

A few miniatures are climbers, or have climbing abilities, such as arching canes. Climbing miniatures reach 4 to 6 feet tall, and are ideal for small garden spaces, as well as wonderful for growing in containers with a small trellis inserted. Just select a few canes and tie them to the support, then cut off the remaining canes at the base, and you have climbing rose.

miniature roses

Miniature 'Hot Tamale'

The picture above is the miniature rose 'Hot Tamale'. It's hardy to zone 6 and grows to a height of 1.6 feet. The fragrance is light and fruity and the flowering repeats well. It makes a great edging for a bed with either white roses or blue colored flowers or golden roses.

Often sold in 4 inch pots ready for planting. These mini roses are grown on their own roots and are hardier than hybrid teas and floribundas. These roses are readily available year-round from mail order sources.

miniature roses

Miniature Lavender Rose shrub

I you love the color lavender, the miniature rose in the picture above is called 'Vi's Violet' rose. It grows to a height about 16-24 inches.It has a true violet color rarely seen in roses. I think it's a gem of miniature rose.

miniature roses

Miniature 'Little Artist' Rose

The miniature in the picture above is called 'Little Artist'. It's makes a colorful groundcover that spreads sideways more than upwards. In hot climates it flowers all year around. The fragrance is on the fruity side and it repeats well. Hardy to zone 6. Another miniature rose that I recommend is the popular Rainbows End Rose. It's bright colors and beautiful flower form is the main attraction as well as the fact that the flowers will last a whole week if cut for a vase.

In 1999 the AARS established minifloras as a new classification of roses. They are between miniatures and floribundas in bloom size and foilage. Their flowers are one to two inches wide, on plants that grow to one to thee fet tall.

miniature roses

Miniature 'Ruby' Rose

The Ruby miniature rose in the picture above is a darling red mini rose variety that is perfect for growing in a container on a patio, deck or balcony.

miniature roses

Flower, form, and foilage of both miniatures and minifloras are small scaled versions of hybrid teas and floribundas. Miniatures that were recently introduced, have the classic hybrid tea form, are 'Baby Boomer', 'Dancing Flame', 'Behold', 'Butter Cream'.

Old favorite miniatures are 'Party Girl', Rise 'n' Shine', 'Starina', 'Magic Carousel', and 'Peaches 'n' Cream'.

Miniture rose varieties that have gained the most popularity are 'Gourmet Popcorn', 'Rainbows End', 'Ruby', 'Hot Tamale.

Miniature Rose Care

miniature roses

Miniature Rose 'Snow Carpet' A Spreading Rose

Most minis are grown on their own roots. That means there is no suckers. Precise pruning of minis is very labor intensive, so I simply use a hedge clipper to trim the tops about one foot above soil level, depending on variety. If the rose is very small, trim off less.

After that just remove any twiggy growth at the base of the plant and remove enough canes to open up the center of the plant to increase air circulation.

Mini roses growing in containers need extra care. Feed them weekly with a half strenght diluted liquid rose fertilizer. Daily watering is a must, even twice daily if you are having hot weather.

Never let any roses dry out between watering. It's the best way to kill a rose. Mini roses have smaller root systems that wont grow as deep as regular rose bushes, so they need more frequent watering.

miniature roses

Mini Roses By Pool Area

Mini roses are great for providing color around your pool areas. So go ahead and plant some of these beauties there to make your back yard pool area more attractive.


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