Mister Lincoln Rose

Mr Lincoln Rose
Lincoln Hybrid Tea Rose

Mister Lincoln rose, the perfect rose for someone who loves red rose bushes and red rose flowers.

Mr Lincoln rose was for many years the most popular and the best of red hybrid tea rose varieties .

The Linoln Hybrid tea rose is also the most fragrant red roses you can find, in fact the blooms are extremely fragrant with a heavenly rose scent.

These red roses make excellent cut flowers for the indoors; a vase of these rose flowers would perfume a whole room.

The stems are long and very strong, so this rose is ideal for a long stemmed red rose bouquet to present on a romantic occasion.

The buds are classic, elegant, and conical, and the large thick petals unravel themselves slowly.

mister lincoln rose

The picture above of the Lincoln roses in this front yard shows you how these roses look in a home garden setting.

The roses were planted last year in late winter.

This front garden with the red roses are the prettiest on the street.

mister lincoln rose

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Mature Plant Height: 4.9 feet.

Bloom Size: 5.5 inches.

Flowering: spring to fall.

Fragrance: strong and sweet.

Year Introduced: by Swim & Weeks US, 1964.

Awards Won: AARS 1965.

American Rose Society Rating: 8.3.

Here is a more close-up view of the 'Lincoln' rose.

I want to point out, that no picture seems to completely show the beauty of this rose flower, especially the lovely velvety and fragrant red rose petals.

My camera failed to capture that, and I have a very good digital camera.

The canes are dark, and the combination of the red roses and the forest green leaves makes a striking statement in a garden.

I like to bunch three of these red rose bushes together to create one real full bush.

Plant them very close together when doing this. About a foot and half would be good.

However, sometimes the simple elegance of 'Mister Lincoln' by itself is all that's wanted.

With red roses, underplanting with a white perennial such as white hardy geranium or a self seeding annual such as 'white lobelias, will make a beautiful planting combination that will make your red roses even more attractive.

It will give a finished look to your flower bed.

These plants also helps keep the soil cool and moist, as well as keeping weeds out.


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