Modern Garden Roses

Modern Roses Since Year 1867

Modern garden roses are all roses that were introduced since year 1867. All roses before that, are classified as Old Roses.

Below is a list of the many subgroups of modern roses that were created after 1867.

The vast majority of garden roses sold today are modern rose varieties.

The rose flowers of modern roses usually start blooming in late spring, and repeat flower all summer long and into fall, many times until the first frost date.

The flowers are either single (having 8 petals or fewer), semi-double (8-20 petals), double (20 petals), or fully double (over 30 petals).

Modern roses flower forms come in many forms such as flat and open, cupped, rounded, high-centered, urn-shaped, quartered-rosette and pompon.

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Modern Roses Subgroups

eden climbing roses
Climbing Eden Rose

CLIMBERS: Often vigorous climbing roses with prickly, arching stiff canes and dense, glossy, mid-to dark green foilage.

They often bear scented flowers in a variety of flower forms.

Some bloom in spring or early summer only, on short shoots from last years growth.

Those are once-flowering climbers and should only be pruned after flowering in summer. Never during the next spring.

But many are repeat-flowering and flower on new wood. These climbers should be pruned in early spring or late winter.

Train climbers against a wall or fence. They are also great for covering garden structures such as arbors, trellises fences etc.

peace hybrid tea rose
Peace Hybrid Tea Rose

HYBRID TEA ROSES: These modern roses have beautiful, formal, high-centered blooms that looks like florist roses.

Hybrid teas have a vase like shape and are repeat-flowering. The large solitary flowers on each stem are usually very fragrant and bloom from early summer well into fall.

Hybrid teas are known for being excellent cut flowers for arrangements.

knockout shrub rose
Knockout Shrub Rose

SHRUB ROSES: The most popular of the modern shrub roses is the Knockout rose.

Shrub roses are a very diverse group of modern roses which includes hybrids of species roses, hybrid musks, hybrid rugosas, hybrid kordesii and English roses.

These roses are bushy and have flowers that arrive in clusters. Most are repeat-flowering and flower on new wood.

They are ideal for beds and borders and even as hedges.

iceberg rose
Pink and White Iceberg Floribunda Roses

FLORIBUNDAS: Floribunda roses are everblooming, free-branching rose bushes of upright or bushy habit.

The flowers usually come in clusters on each stem. My favorite floribunda rose is the Iceberg rose. It is available in white and brilliant pink and even in burgundy colors.

Iceberg roses are growing in most home gardens here in Los Angeles where I live.

Floribundas flower with abundance continously from early spring until late fall. Use them in borders or as short hedges, like in the picture above.

fragrant spreader
'Fragrant Spreader' Groundcover Rose

GROUNDCOVER ROSES: These modern garden roses are spreading and trailing shrub roses.

Many bear flowers all along the stems. They are ideal for banks, beds or containers, or for trailing over walls.

miniature rose bushes
Miniature Rose Bushes

MINIATURE AND MINI-FLORA: They are repeat-flowering mini shrub roses with very compact, short canes and leaves with very small leaves and flowers.

Mini-flora plants and their blooms are larger than miniatures, but smaller than the average floribunda.

They also exhibit the same variety of colors and flower forms as miniatures.

Both are ideal for edging walkways and paths, or for raised beds, rock gardens and patio containers.


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