Moondance Rose

Moondance Floribunda Rose

A double award winner, Moondance Rose is a fabulous fragrant white floribunda rose bush that blooms with abundance all season, and is very disease free.

'Moondance' floribunda rose is actually more vigorous and produces more flowers than it's famous parent, the Iceberg rose.

It's also much more fragrant, which is a big plus.

Here is a great planting tip for this floribunda rose.

Try planting some dark purple roses with rosa Moondance.

It's a fabulous color combination that will make this rose stand out evenn more, and also it will make you flowerbed look beautiful.

moondance rose

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This white floribunda rose is a must for a white garden theme.

I adore an all white flower border. It has a cool and calming effect in a garden.

White roses are not that plentiful, especially fragrant white roses, such as the 'Moondance'.

You can also plant white perennials as companions for this rose.

Perennials are great companion plants for all roses, and they act as disease breaks also.

The large clusters of luminous blooms on long 14-18 inch stems, are creamy white and very beautiful.

The rose bush remarkable disease resistance, makes 'Moondance' an ideal landscape plant.

The long stemmed richly raspberry perfumed fragrant flowers make gorgeous instant bouquets for the indoors.

This rose is highly resistant to blackspot, mildew and rust.

The growth habit is upright and well-branched.

And the glossy dark green foilage really makes the flowers stand out, and makes a perfect backdrop for the glowing white rose blooms. AARS winner 2007.

Zones 5-9, height 5-6 feet.


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