Most Fragrant Hardy Roses.

by Joseph

QUESTION: Hi! Thank you for letting me cut to the chase.

I am looking for the most fragrant hardy roses.

I really like yellow roses and know that golden
showers might be one.

Open to any color.

Fragrance and hardiness are
the most important considerations.
Thank you!

ANSWER: Hi Joseph! Sorry I took so long to respond to your most fragrant hardy roses question.

Since you are open to different rose colors for roses that are cold hardy, I recommend the Hansa rose.

It's soo fragrant,and it has beautiful blooms.

And the Hansa rose is one of the most cold hardy roses out there.

On top of that, it's easy to grow, and require almost no maintenance.

Another thing I love about this fragrant hardy rose is that it will grow this beautiful rose hips in the fall, but only if you don't deadhead the rose late in season.

The rose hips from this fragrant hardy rose will feed many overwintering birds in you area.

And the hips looks so beautiful in your garden.
Best Regards,

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