Moving an Established Rose bush

by Janet Smith
(Indianapolis, Indiana)

QUESTION: I have an established Hansa Rose bush and need to move it to another location since it has grown so large.

When should I move it and is there anything specifically I should do to prepare it or the new soil? I am in Zone 5.

ANSWER: Hello Janet, you should only move a rose bush during the dormant stage, because that will be the least stressful time for the rose to be transplanted.

Roses do not like to be moved at all and some will not survive the move and will die.

However, if you read my page about how to transplant rose bushes if will show you how to do it correctly so your rose bush has a better chance of surviving the move.

Be sure to read my paragraph about doing root pruning before moving the rose.

In fact root pruning should be done several months before the move.

The very best time to move the rose would be right after the annual pruning in early spring when the rose is still dormant.

Best Regards,

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