My Favorite Color Rose

by Camille
(Trinidad and Tobago)

Red roses are my favorite, my dad has them in his garden. Sometimes he asks me to assist with watering the plants in his garden including the roses.

In my opinion roses have a tendency to make a garden look more attractive and complete. I just enjoy looking at them especially when they are tall and in full blossom.

I know some people who tried growing roses but were unsuccessful because they did not use the right soil. Some people often complain about how their roses do not blossom at all or how they will like them to.

Red roses are very beautiful to look at and they have such a nice, unique scent.

This is a very neat and informative website, nice work. I've added a picture of my dad's roses, it's just a glimpse though.

Hi Camille
Thanks so my for sharing your Dad's red rose with me and my visitors. I am glad you like my web site about roses.
Best Regards,

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