My Moss Rose Bush Won't Bloom

by Kathy
(Okemos, MI)

QUESTION: My mother gave me a clipping of her Moss Rose bush a year ago.

We planted it and kept it covered over the winter.

It is healthy and has sprouted a lot of branches but no flowers.

It is in a rose bed with 4 other blooming rose bushes, each of them receiving the same fertilizing, water and sunlight.

It still refuses to sprout any buds. Should I trim it back and hope for the best?

Even with the heat of the summer, the others are doing OK and are blooming all around it.

It is not overcrowded. Any help would be appreciated.

ANSWER: Hi Kathy! Since your Moss rose was grown from a cutting, it will take a couple of years for it to be able to produce blooms.

The rose has to grow below the ground, before it can grow above.

Please do not cut or prune it at all. Only remove any dead wood.

The Moss rose is busy growing feeder roots so it can take up nutrients from the soil.

You should also be aware that Moss roses are ONCE-blooming roses, and they should ONLY be pruned after flowering in summer.

They only flower on old wood from the previous season.

So therefore, if you prune in the spring time, you will not have any flowers for that season.

Give your rose a couple of years to grow, and it will flower real well.

Best Regards,

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