My Rose Bush Has No Fragrance This Year - Why?

by Nan Bucknell
(Santa Clara, CA)

QUESTION: I've had my Barbra Streisand rose bush for about 8-10 years. It has always produced blooms with a wonderful, frangrant smell. However, this year the blooms have no scent whatsoever. Why is that? What could have caused this to happen? I fertilize regularly and live in Northern California. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated...Thank you.
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Thanks again.
ANSWER: Hello Nan,
There could be several reasons why your Barbra Streisand rose bush don't have any fragrance this year.
One reason could be that your soil's pH value has changed. That is not uncommon. So I recommend you do a soil test.
Here is my page about soil for roses.
Factors that affect the strength of the fragrance include excellent culture such as planting in good soil with the correct pH, watering and fertilizing.
All these things are vital to ensure that the rose's fragrance reaches its full potential.
Even more important is the amount of moisture in the soil.
The rose scent is the sweetest when the plant has adequate water.
Other factors such as temperatures, humidity, wind conditions and the time of the day also affect fragrance strenght.
The rose scent is more pronounced on warm, sunny days, and is significantly reduced on cloudy days.
Rose scent is hard to detect when the weather is overcast and cold.
Roses are also known to emit more fragrance later in the day than they do in the morning.
The rose scent is the strongest when its warm and the air is more humid than dry.
Hope this information about rose fragrance helps you out.
Best Regards,

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