My Very First Rose Bush
Pink Promise

by Becky S.

Today is my first day as a rose bush owner. My new rose plant is called a Pink Promise rose, and it has three little buds waiting to bloom. After seeing some pictures of this hybrid I am excited to see and smell the the new roses. I chose to buy the Pink Promise rose from a variety of other rose plants because I quietly asked the plant to "promise" me it wouldn't die. Then I learned that the flower is a representative of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. That makes me so happy because I have family members who have had cancer. Now every time I look at the roses I can think of my family.
My tip is to research the type of rose you buy so that taking care of the plant will be even more enjoyable.

Hi Becky
Thanks for sharing information about the Pink Promise rose, and how buying it helps research for breast cancer.
We should all buy and plant a Pink Promise rose in our gardens.
Best Regards,

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